First grow, 28 days, suggestions

I am using 4 inch inside fan and a rotating 2 fan tower. Using coconut hust soil and foxfarms trio of fertilizer at half recommended strength. Surprised at the difference in plant size and structure.


Are you watering every day? Coco really requires that to do its best.
Also pics in natural white light are better. Cant see any leaf issues under blurple lights.
Just use the flash on the camera. Might need to turn off your lights for a minute to get a better pic.

Gorilla glue auto, fem. No, not watering everyday. I was very concerned about overwatering. Have been giving water every 2 days. Have found some of plants dry after a day. Picked my first grow medium somewhat at random. Coconut husk, vermiculite, not fert., organic. Thought this would breath well. Am I past the stage of worrying about overwatering?

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You are in fabric pots. It’s almost impossible to overwater. I water every other day and soak the plants once a week.

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