First go at DWC

first plant up on the 25/12/20
having no problems yet .but would like some help working out how much veg a and veg b ,in mls i need in 7 x 20l buckets thay have about 18ls in each .

Welcome to ilgm…
What’s the purpose for the wood chips…?
And make sure to get your air pump higher than the water level , because if your power goes out , you run the risk of the pump siphoning out all of the water in your system… :+1::wink:

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its coconut husk .to stop any light geting thou to roots or the water .dont want any green in the water
algy .yes i am going to move it higher geting there slowly lol

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Looks like your going alright

My plants are 2 week in flowering ive lowered the nutriants what to use to feed them now

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Ill post flowering image tonight

This is where i am up to in my first go at growing

Ive changed the hose that links all buckets to a 2in pipe so that i get a even water level with driper runing and i am geting a ph level between 6 to 6.5 as a normal level