First ever grow Grizzly purp and gooberry outdoors

Wow @HighDesertFarmer That’s an impressive set up. Welcome to the forum and being from NV I think lucky #7 for your grow is appropriate. We have a couple of off grid members here as well who will be helpful. @Willd @Ragnar Looking forward to following along.


Welcome to ILGM!
Man looking like you got a good grow going on. Can’t wait to see your results :+1:


Lookin good…unbelievable, never saw anything like it! You seem to know a lot already and on your way to being a marijuana farmer :man_farmer: I wish you all the best… will be interesting to watch your progress


Thanks everyone :slight_smile: I do hope it goes well! First time is always the scariest I imagine. I usually drown plants so I am a bit worried that cannabis is sensitive to that.

Update 2
7 days after transplant, 5th week in my care. The middle 5 are showojg slight N deficiency and some sunburnt crispy edges on older leaves. Not as green as I would like.

Outer 2 are thriving and in great shape. Water was left on all night so mid 5 may be showing overwater signs?

Found a seed in some smoke, decided to try and sprout. It did on day 2, seed cracked!

Exactly 7 days after transplant. This one is looking the healthiest. I also believe it may be a different strain than the rest. I’ll be calling it false grizzurp lol.
This is the gooberry strain, the only one. It is looking very different than the rest, but seems healthy. This is a good representation of the others. They seem to have a slight nitrogen deficiency or something. I fed 2 days ago. Another with a slight yellowing ofof the leaves. Some have burnt dry edges. It has been very hot here, near 100, so it may just be shock with recent transplant.


Absolutely wonderful, love it brother…
Welcome to the club, I grow outdoor , off grid and keep everything very simple, looking for yoyr updates…
Happy growing !!!

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@Ragnar Thank you. Nice to see someone else enjoying the off grid life.

Update 3, bug guard
Upon inspecting this morning I found a leaf with a cocoon nest on it of sorts. Plucked it and have prepared bug defense. I imagine the challenge of outdoor growing presents more bugs to deal with. I hope that being in the high desert with low humidity it will narrow the spread down of species I have to contend with.
Here’s what I use in the garden and have for years. Works great for tomatoes and lettuce.

1 tablespoon olive oil
3 teaspoons of dawn soap
1 tiny jar of mint oil
15 squirts of cholula
Lots of crushed garlic

STRAIN THE GARLIC or it clogs sprayer.

Garlic for crushingcholula really is a great secret ingredient. Sometimes I also use cayeanne pepper.
most of everything minus cholula and water to be mixed in sprayer. I apply at night to normal plants so will try the same thing.


Wonderful, I keep this formula in my mind, like it :wink:

Welcome to ilgm… :wink:
You could also substitute olive oil for canola oil … because canola oil is a lot cheaper and does exactly the same thing especially when your plants get really big , no sense in wasting good virgin olive oil… :wink:
:v: :sunglasses:


Weed sprout doing just dandy.


she got a little twisty stem! One of mine did the same. Looks like a corkscrew almost!

@bob31 It sure did. Thought it was kinda cool myself!
Update 4
The sun scorches

Ok so week 2 of transplanting. My middle group of a different strain is NOT handling the sun. They are getting mad scorch.

All the girls lined up.

First in line. False grizzurp.

Second in line. Showing signs of damage.

3rd in line. This pic makes me feel as sad as she looks.
This one is sunburnt so badly. I feel like a bad parent. I am buying shade cloth tomorrow for high sun for the mid group.

5th in line. Grizzly purple.


Seventh. GOOBERRY. Doing just dandy.

Good lord it’s scary to see this sun damage. I wish that I had established shade before transplant but se la vie. I will be getting a 30 foot stretch of shade fabric, digging down and installing some 2x4s as piles in the ground then suspending the shade directly above for high sun.

Question, should I pull crisped leaves or wait for plant to drop them on their own? Here’s hoping my mid strains aren’t doomed!

On a positive note my garlic pepper bug spray worked wonders and no signs of that swarm. I’m hoping it isnt cuz the bugs are saying ‘eh these plants are doomed let’s move on fellas’


It has been well over 100 out here and i just don’t think the girls can handle it so early after transplant if at all. I read that shade doesnt harm cannabis? Heres the test I suppose.
Corners ties to t posts with shade grommets and rebar tie wire.

It isnt a ragg cloth but vent holes for wind swells.


Well that lasted about four hours.

I don’t feel too bad after seeing iit was wind strong enough to pull this post inward.

At least I know these clips will hold.

Back to the drawing board. 50mph wind is a tough adversary for shade cloth.


Good luck brother, its a fight out there …I know

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One great one okay five dying

This one is doing amazingly. False grizzurp says !@#$ you heat sun and wind, doesn’t even care.

Gooberry slightly struggling.

The following picturpictures may cause tears.

Ok so 5 are dying. One is nearly dead and looks deep fried and crispy. My shade failed and so i should have had that setup before transplanting.

I am trying another shade design today. Hope they can live


Heres my try number two at high noon shade blocking.
Cost me 2.5 per tomato cage, a half a trash bag and some strips of duct tape.

born of desperation it might just last more than 4 hours.

I had one left over and am using it to double shade the plant I now dub mr.crisp . I’m not going to shade the false grizzurp cuz if it aint broke don’t fix it.

Here’s hoping this works as planned. If so I may have just found cheapest dang shade solution for small stage ever. This pic is at 10am so at 12 shade should be over plant.


The plants with major burn, I’d trim the fully burnt leaves off, and the partially burnt leaves I’d just trim the burnt part of the leaves off, So the plant can concentrate on getting the un burnt parts back to health. Probably a long shot tbh.

Whatever you decide good look. Looks a harsh environment out there.

It’s a funny business this, we are all brought together here over this plant, but all have different issues that we are fighting. Mine is mainly making more heat, though that in itself is an issue where the we get warm spells, as I’m set up to keep heat in, so my house goes a little mad when the sun appears. Operation many many fans has to kick into gear.

Side note, I one of my “smart” timers didn’t turn on this morning! Very strange, but it will mean, I’m going to have to leave the pants on overnight, for at least one full rotation. 18/6. Will need to keep an eye on that.

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I would try growing autos in those conditions.keep watering those girls they may survive the heat :fire: :fire: fire. But I don’t know much being a rookie first timer myself

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You should probably holler at @Majiktoker
It’s hot where he grows I believe maybe similar conditions

Photoperiods are what id grow being in hot conditions they can manage the stress better than autos