First "commercial" grow, need advice on flowering

Hello all! Many of you may remember me from my previous posts and incomplete grow journal.

Since I stopped updating that journal much has happened. It took some hard thinking but I have ended up not taking any money from investors and just doing as much as I can on my own. As such the grow is smaller than I wanted and my lights aren’t ideal but I’m working with what I’ve got.

So here is where I’m at right now.

This is my whole grow table from the end. It is a 3x6 ID botanicare table. If I had known the difference I may have gone with the OD table but this is the one I got. Currently I have nine Light of Jah plants and nine of the Gorilla Glue 4.

These are the Light of Jah.

These are the Gorilla Glue 4. It’s kind of a dark picture but you can also see these in the first picture.

So, here’s where I’m needing help. I think if I don’t flower these ladies soon that I may run out of headroom. I don’t think they could get much over twice their current height in this setup. I had originally thought that I would “lollipop” them at this point and just grow the main colas but now I’m having second thoughts.

The LOJ are looking real nice but the GG4 seem spindly and real branchy. These girls did get almost a week of 12/12 when I had to move them into the room with the two flowering LOJs I have on the other wall. I finally surrounded those with panda film so that these could keep vegging but I think they started to stretch and got confused.

I guess I’m really looking for opinions on what you more experienced growers would do here. Would you flip to flower? Continue to veg? Scrog? LST? Lol you get the idea. Any and all advice is appreciated!


How old are they from seed?

FIM and net them. Its free, will help with your lighting to net them

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You ever tried to do that with 9 plants in 3x3?

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Not sure how you expect him to do it with 9 then lol. 4 isnt too bad if your stuff is together. If i had to guess from your pic, just vegged a little too long for multiple plants.

They are all clones. They were all taken on 12/31 or 1/1. Most of them got transferred to coco in 1qt cups on 1/16, then they were left there until 1/30-1/31 when they had all the coco rinsed off and they were put into their nursery pots and into the table. Most of them had really good roots when I transferred them.

I did top the tallest four of each strain as an experiment to see how that works. I think I like it but this is the first time I’ve ever topped. The other five of each strain were left alone.

Flip em. They’re plenty old enough to flower. My opinion you would’ve been better off without topping as it will encourage side growth. But i don’t think you’re too far behind.


Yup id flip them like @dbrn32 it a flood and drain system?


It is flood and drain, and I really like it. I had done most of my growing in rdwc before but since starting this I think flood and drain has become my new favorite.

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@Filthyhat i always wanted to try flood and drain.that was my original idea because i always scrog my plants but we have too many unplanned power cuts so i couldnt. I wanted to experiment by filling a table with 1gal pots/cups and flip at 6” tall to see what a sea of green would look like and yeild.


r the top leaves kinda folding and reaching upward.?
this might be a sign of heat stress, might need to get that under control before pistols show.

flip now,
in 3-4 weeks, lollipop them at 16" below the top of the canopy,
i leave the fan leaves, but remove all the bud sites,
this puts more concentration on the colas that r getting good light.!

this is what a topped ‘SOG’ plant looks like

this is more my goal, 18-20" tall single cola plants, 4 plants per 1.1 sq ft.

that’s a #1 nursery pot, 20 oz solo cup, and a 9 oz clear cup next to my octo-pot.


Now that’s what I’m talking about! How do you go about making those 18" tall single cola plants? With that kind of spacing I could fit sixty some plants in my table, although that is a whole lot of clones

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Don’t top it I think :thinking: the sea of green volume 3 will show u it’s you tube vid


Flip em to flower. Looks like you’re going for a sea of green, anyway.

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with clones vegged for 2-4 wks,
your set up would be A LOT of cloning,
a true Sea Of Green is done on rotation to spread out the labor (cloning/harvesting),
my box is 5.5 sq ft and holds 20 SoG plants,
4 get harvested and 4 go into bloom every 2 weeks, about every 2 wks i take 8 clippings (100% root rate), transplant 6 of the rooted clones into 9 oz cups, then pot up 4 into ~1 gal pots (2-3 quarts of coco/perlite), always keeping the most uniform plants for bloom.!


@Filthyhat how is this grow going?

It’s going well thanks for asking!

Well it’s going well enough I suppose. I have actually removed six of the plants from the table due to lack of space, and I’m debating on taking about six inches off of the legs of the table… Vertical space is quickly running out. I’ve definitely learned a lesson here.

Flip em faster!

I also discovered the smallest spot of dreaded powdery mildew on two of the plants last night. I don’t know how this could have happened, as I’ve got a dehumidifier in there set on 45 percent and an air conditioner that keeps the temps around 75. My water chiller is set on 68 too if it makes any difference.

I’m hoping that these plants were just exposed before I got the AC and dehumidifier, and that they aren’t seriously infected. I can’t imagine how else I could control the environment in that room.

Regardless I took each plant out last night one by one, put them in the bathtub and drenched them with neem oil. Top of leaves, bottom of leaves, stems and all. I was trying not to get too much into my reservoir, hence the bathtub thing. I’m hoping that this radical treatment combined with the more controlled environment will knock out the PM for the rest of the grow as I really don’t want to spray neem oil or anything else on my buds if I can help it.


I think a mild peroxide and water solution will keep wpm at bay too if need be. Also, for the height do you have any pics?

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As a side note dbrn32, I am very close to pulling the trigger on one of those chinese quantum board kits from alibaba.

Unless you talk me out of it.

The total price is only about a hundred dollars less than what I can get at HLG right now, so I’m a little less excited than I was at first, but that hundred dollars IS the difference between getting the light now and waiting for someday.

FOLUX-240H-288V2-2-326 3000K

is the one that I am looking at. Total price to my door is 260.18 A bit more than the 175 odd dollars that draws a guy in.