First buds, where is it?

Girl Scout cookie, autoflower. Looking at this plant, where would you say it is? Any advice ? Any comment on when it will be done? On the books it should be done by June 5. Any comments?

Thank you to everyone for your help.


Some close ups would be a little more helpful, but from the look of her, you can cross June 5 out as a target harvest date. Probably close to the end of June. She looks maybe 2 weeks or so in bloom.


Thank you and I will. I didn’t mix my nutrients right at the beginning.

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Plant looks healthy. Don’t see a nute issue. As Ryan stated, it will surpass that due date. Only issue looks to be lacking in light or light too far away from the plant.


Here’s mine at day 51.

And here she is at 80 days, though you’ll have to scroll that post, she’s the last two pics.

She’s still not harvested - she’s 92 days tomorrow. She’s ready to go, but she’s gonna get a couple more days probably since I’m sick atm.

Is it autoflower?

One thing, I am going through water now, my 5 gallon bucket is about 1/2 full after 2-3 days. Do I leave the nutrients on my 1 day a week feed or do I increase when I add water?

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Yes she is! Apparently the don’t all finish in under 80 days like my LSD plants did. She’s in flower 63 days today.

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As to the nutes question, I’ll leave that to others who know better than I do. Still a newbie over here.

Fiz- Man those plants look nice!!!

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Thank you very much!