First attempt sprouting in 5gal

Like the title says this is my first attempt at sprouting some (bear dance) autoflowers in their “forever homes” 5gal fabric pots with a mixture of FFHF and FFOF with about 10% (or less) vermiculite added. Planning to run these outdoors if they ever get established.

I germinted the seeds in papertowels for 3-4 days until they had good taproots, then planted them with a little bit of myco+ in the hole and lightly covered with soil. All 3 have been inside, temps controlled 70-75 with a few hours of direct sunlight on the pots to keep the soil temps up. They are under humidity domes and I have been keeping the soil under the domes lightly misted, just enough to look discolored, the rest of the pot has dried out and hopefully helping to wick some of the moisture out from under the domes and keep the seeds moist but not wet.

On day 6 after planting and no action yet… I am getting very anxious but nothing else I can do but wait :crossed_fingers:. Please send some patience my way, mine is wearing thin!


Six days since you put them in the pots? How deep did you put them? Don’t give up. :blush::v:

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Yes 6 LONG days of wating lol! They went in at about 1/4 -1/2" deep with the soil loosely brushed in on top of them, no compaction.

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Give em a bit longer. I tend to drench my soil before planting seeds. That way no need to really keep them wet. Are u sure the dirt was damp down to where the seeds were placed?

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I have had a tendency to drown them in the starter trays- for that reason I didnt fully drench the soil before planting but yes, it was damp to touch, similar to what you get in a fresh bag of soil. Now being in fabric pots for a week it has started to dry out around the edges of the pots but under the domes seems to be staying moist with daily spritz’.

The waiting game is the toughest part of this, for me anyway, by far!

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Especially just getting started out. The contradictions are the worse.

Dont have it too wet!

No no no thats too dry!

Feed from day 1!!

Dont feed for 5-6 weeks!

Coco is god!

No soil is natural!!

Use this fert!

Haha it never ends my friend. But what ive found to work (which lets be honest, everyone’s milage may vary) is to set pots/solo cups/starter trays up the night i germ seeds. Ima a microbe kinda guy, so I make a nice germing mixture. Spoon of Tribus (microbes) spoon of Recharge (microbes) and a dab of clone x (more helpful stuff) and shake the tar out of it. Then i SOAK the soil that night. Even before the microbial army I liked this method with straight water. This way, in 24-72 hours when seeds are ready, I just drop em right in and cover with some dirt.

Literally dont have to even look at them for 7-10 days from that point. The soil is wet enough to keep damp almost 2 weeks and less is more. Every now and again One has helmet head for me to fix… but typically its the long wait for them to wake up and join the party

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@JTinNY you seem quite knowledgeable and have done everything seemingly to perfection. Maybe it’s time to give each a shot glass of water as if it rained? Maybe they’re just deep enough to not feel the heightened humidity under your domes? I like how @PurpNGold74 premoistens the soil in advance of planting his seedlings. That’s something others do as well. Keep us posted on your developments!!

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Well something was awry on these after 3 weeks I got nothing. Germinated 3 new Charlie Sheen seeds, 2 popped nice taproots within a few days. I saturated my soil again and planted them, had 2 helmet heads spout up within 48 hours. Still waiting, fingers crossed, on the 3rd seed to pop a tap root so I can plant that one too.

Was really looking forward to growing that Bear Dance strain… maybe ill try some again another time. No idea if I screwed something up or what but it seems the soil is ok.

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