Finished basement with grow room (not finished yet)

The framing work for my new grill room is done. Looking for some help in how to lay it out best in choosing what to go in it.

Right now one thing I’m thinking about is area that I’ve drawn in in red outline which is adjacent to my grow room, marked gear room on the drawing. This adjacent space is underneath the staircase and is about 4 foot deep by 30 inches wide and about 45 inches high. Is there anything useful I can do in that space?

Other things on my mind with this set up is that I had initially wanted to do a 4 x 4 tent in the space but I’m seeing that a 4 x 4 tent will make this already small space feel really cramped.

The only piece I already own is a 4 foot by about 18 inch rack of T5 fluorescent’s from Gardners supply which my plan is to put on the left-hand wall right when you walk into the room

I see a lot of different lights on Amazon and other stuff on other growing specific websites but I don’t really know what brands are considered good. Same goes for tents. Same goes for in-line fans.

My plan is to use a 600 W digital ballast and get both a MH and an HPS Bulb.

Happy to hear any input or ideas that I should think differently about.

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What are final dimensions of your grow room and what size canopy do you plan to run in it?

The one thing I would recommend doing is exhausting out into one room and pulling your intake from different room on the other side of basement. If it possible, set the intake from a room it’s convenient to run dehumidifier/humidifier in.

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AC Infinity fans are a good investment. Need to size it according to your grow area size. Under the stairs may be a good spot for growing seedlings. Tents depend on how much you can budget for one. I found a 4x4x80" on sale for 85.00 it’s a Cool Grows brand and I’m very happy with the quality at that price. As for lights you should do a search in here for good grow lights. There’s tons of info here. I have to ask: why your putting your t5’s on a wall? Just curious lol.

I’ve used the space below my stairs as a seedling/growing room for years. You are good in that space until the plants get about 18 inches tall. I made it work by topping the plants and was able to veg them 4-6 weeks before running out of height.

I use a 600w MH air cooled lamp in the space because LED didn’t exist when I set it up. I passively suck air in through my flower room, through an equipment room and into the space under the stairs. I put my carbon filter in there before my light, then duct the air through the lamp, through the equipment room, through the flowering room HPS lamp, through the exhaust fan and from there the heat is expelled outside during the summers, or diverted indoor during the winter months. Putting the filter before the lamps keeps the dirt and dead bugs out of the lamps.

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Thanks for all the good info.

I decided to go with a 3 x 5 tent and my options were significantly less in that size category then when I was looking at 3 x 3 or 4 x 4. I wound up getting an UltraGrow tent. I considered Secret Jardin but nobody I could find had the 3x5 in stock.

After doing more research on lighting I’m thinking I might go with a double ended HPS. 1000 W feels like overkill for 3 x 5 tent – feel free to correct me if you feel otherwise. So I’m spending some time trying to find something in the 600 W range. Any recommendations would be great. I’d prefer an air cooled hood but I’m sure even if I don’t have one I’ll be ventilating the tent properly so I’m sure he won’t be too much of an issue.

On the ventilation end of things I was looking at those AC infinity fans so good to hear a positive review on those. I’m planning on having our builder install a duct in the exterior wall so I can vent the tent straight to outside. I was thinking I’d probably go with around 400 CFM for the fan.

My plan is to have the ducting go into the grow tent and the in-line fan somewhere in between the tent and the duct outside. I figure that with the fan running that’s enough to completely exchange the air in the tent practically every minute or less and pull air in from the surrounding grow room to keep that fresh as well.