Finally got my ppm meter

I just took my first ppm reading. I have 4 plants and the readings ranged from 700 to 1200.

I am in ffof. I have been watering with ph’d water. I am a little over two weeks into flower.

I have been worried one plants might be up to something, it seems a bit pale. Anyway, this was the plant with the highest ppm reading of 1200. Is there a coorelecation with this?

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I grow in FF OF 2 weeks into flower was when my readings started dropping quick. So if your leaves are yellowing I’d guess they are getting hungry.

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@Eagergrower you should start a grow journal so we can follow your progress.

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What’s the runoff pH? Dumping out 1200 ppm but light green like it’s hungry? Also the transition to flowering does this as well as it’s now switching to bud production…

How do you go about starting a grow journal?

First go here and click red circle

Next click here

Next click here and name your journal and give us some stats on your grow anything you want us to know. Then if you like,tag some people in. You can ask questions and do updates. You’ll be able to have everything in one place.


Ummmmm… Just like you did this one but under journals… OR have a mod change it!

Dont need a mod. We have the trust level to move topics and change titles and whatnot. @Eagergrower, just let us know if you want this moved to grow journals and you can use this as your journal.


See I thought so but I’m not the best navigating this forum. I actually looked to see how I could do it but I’m on a phone and don’t know if that’s different!!

What is “make wiki” admin???

If you go to the title you’ll see the edit pencil. Click that and it’ll bring up your options

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Thank you Bobby, good to know I appreciate your time kind sir!

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No idea: there’s a lot of ‘stuff’ that shows as a moderator that a regular user doesn’t see and will take me months to deal with/learn.

You can Google: Discourse, add wiki (Discourse is the forum engine)

Happy Canniverary @Myfriendis410 … 3 yrs in a blink of an eye huh. Do you know when Rob started this site or the forum rather? It has to be one of the more popular forums I would think. Kudos to the entire gang and thanks for all you do even though I’m a prick sometimes I feel you’ve always been cool with me. :+1:

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Thank you! We’re all here for the same thing and you’ve always been a valued member.

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