Finally got my auto seeds

I finally took the leap and dished out some money on some Auto seeds I’m kind of nervous adding them to my tent because I have some smaller plants in there with a few fungus gnats here and there. Are they going to destroy my baby Auto? Because I’ve read that they can be pest resistant certain autos thanks in advance for any help I can get…

Gants usually appear when your soil continuously stays too wet. If you use this product scratch some in before watering a couple times will

get rid of the problem.


Fungus gnats are often a symptom of overwatering in soil. Water thoroughly (for a mature plant) and then let the soil dry out before watering again.

@kellydans made a good recommendation. Diatomaceous earth is also a good solution for the problem.


That must be the industrial size.


I had a problem a few years ago an that’s what home depot had on the shelf. Definitely more than I’ll ever use.


Awesome thank u guys… I’ve been doing a lot better on the watering situation… I can see why so many people go to hydro. No pests bigger yields and quicker I hear. But thx

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Did it work good?

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Yes it does work. It kills the larvae so it takes a few days but it clears them out.


Use a couple of spoons full an scratch in works great.