Fimming in flowering stage

A question from a fellow grower:

I have done two grows but both produced only 2oz per plant so i thought i would try FIMMING; unfortunately i did it 2 weeks into flowering as i had not understood that it should be in Veg stage. so effectively i have fimmed my flowers. Does this mean the plant is ruined and i should take them out and start a new lot.

Your advice would be much appreciated.

Also any advice as to a simple way i can improve yield would also be appreciated.

You should not have any issues.

If you want bigger plants you need more light, ability to keep temps in the 70’s f, perfectly balanced humidity, and a good quality nutrient blend. Growing hydroponically will drastically increase yield over soil plants Indoors; Every time, and all day long…

I agree, even though it should be done in vegg but you should be ok and you will most likely be in flower a bit longer


Thank you that is a relief; i do have a problem with temperature variation between dak and light periods. i am worried that bout hydrophonics as it seems more technical than growing in soil.
Thanks again

That’s great thanks a lot; i can rest easy.

Pardon me, but what is fimming?

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Fimming (f@#$ I missed) is just like topping but you don’t cut the whole top growth off,instead you only cut about half the top growth off

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FIMMING is haphazard way of topping, it might get you more than the two expected “tops” after a normal topping, but it’s very unreliable and unpredictable in most cases. Some people seem to get very good at it and swear by it.

I prefer a little more planning, a little more akin to mainlining/manifolding, but I don’t necessarily get to concerned if it isn’t quite perfectly symmetrical or perfectly manifolded as I ScrOG anyway.

Hey Mac,
Kinda what mine look like…lol


I usually have my screen a bit more filled out than that before initiating flower, but it’s looking good nonetheless garrigan.

This pic was taken a few weeks ago.
It has filled in much more than what you see here. I’ll put an updated Lockerbie morning.

B Safe

Hmm, I’ve had some pretty good weight in the past. If this is true, I can’t even imagine how much per plant then.

We hope you continue to do well :slight_smile: