FIM Bubblegum auto 17 days from germination

Bubblegum auto from ILGM growing in coco, worm cast, and perlite mix she is 17 days from popping up just decided to FIM her and see how she does happy growing everyone!!


Given your are just 17day with such growing success I believe you were smart to FIM. Most say autos shouldn’t be topped or FIM’d but if you have a very healthy plant I believe they can handle it. Nice job!

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Do you have aloe vera ?

Sure do!!! And honey also

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Put some where you FIMed… I had a great result from it. The new growth came through quicker when the cut was sealed & healed faster.

I ran a test with & without and the results proved aloe vera sped up the process


The brown is where the cuts were being sealed by the aloe vera

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Going dap some now

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Straight from the plant :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:

Call me crazy but I used to rub my entire stem system with aloe vera

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@Jarnkat can I use aloe with menthol in it