Fifth week of flowering getting yellow leave

A question of a fellow grower:
I am in my fifth week of flowering getting yellow leaves with red vien my ph numbers in soil r at 6.2 to 6.3 pens r wokring great my ppms is at 800 for2 first weeks. 900 for the 3rd and 4th 5th week I do a flush 2 shots. for 6 and 7 add big bud with my regular nutrients bring it up to 1100 and 1200 then week 8 and 9 stop big bud and use overdrive then complete fush ,have been usin g this recipe for years .working with critical kush on this crop .lighting is 20 inches away from plant .doesnt seem to be any nute lockout yet. Great air and movement also humidity levels r 35 to 40 But what I have noticed is a heavy calcium deposit on my inside water barrel clean it out all the time happens mostly if I let standing water for a day or two. Tyemp is alaways at 22 c never goes below 20c with lights off .so I am now trying a new salt purifying water softner to see if the helps .now on my outdoors using same recipe had huge success on 20 plants 27lbs so far with my bottoms still to come in this week went I little higher on pppms due to fact im working in a outdoor environment,and 3 by 3 by 3 boxes. Any help would be greatful

A picture would really help.

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