Field of Dreams Grass Grow…

Yep , runtz is looking nice .


This Blue Dream will burn your eyes and nose with her scent. Potent

These Papaya Candy clones from @pr are hedgehogging nicely.

This Cherry Ice Cream is filling in really nicely.

And this one is flowering at 2 speeds from left to rt lol. I’m unsure what has caused it to be so different from one side to the next. Strange

Any day now for this Papaya Candy topping I got from @sparks46

These Super Skunks clones from @pr are finally growing 3 fingered fans again so maybe we’re back on track??


Thats a lot to take in @Fieldofdreams
That papaya candy colas are looking brilliant
Its all looking brilliant
Well done
Cheers :beers: :clap: :v:
Thanks for the update


Seems my Runtz is under attack :bug::bug::bug:

These effers ate their last meals… :hocho:

I’ll have to keep a keen eye out for these little saboteurs :mag::male_detective:


Decided I needed to move these weirdos to an area with maximum light availability and my wife’s not gonna like it lol.


Wow I thought that was a Sand worm from DUNE till I saw it in your hand.


Yellow Striped Army worm :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Worms are my major kryptonite. Leeches next, and followed by caterpillars.


Welp guys I’m back home from my little stay at buddies . Wanna give ya an update on gals here . There are a couple smaller ones that I haven’t really been showing but figure now is a good time … I’m not certain but I think one is the blueberry cupcake x Mac1 and the other is possibly the girl scout cookies x mango sherbet. But look at the difference . 1 has beautiful little tight and colorful nugs compared to other .

So I’m thinking this is the gsc x mango :point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up:
And this one isn’t a big yield but I bet this bud is going to be off the chain . Believe it’s the blueberry cupcake x Mac1 :point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down: it’s purdy :grin:

Now an update on the ones y’all know about . The blue dream is starting to fill out . It does smell good but unfortunately it’s not pungent as your describing yours to be @Fieldofdreams . ( btw sorry bout the worm issue but it looks to me like you got em before they could really do anything . :+1:

I think it’s not as pungent because it’s a semi-full term seed . But the next one ( freakshow ) is a burn your nose with a sweet candy/ like peppermint/ super piney smell and stickier than a mouse glue trap . I have over a dozen big branches like this :point_down::point_down:

And a little close up , it’s kinda purty to but sorry it came out a little blurry. Is getting dark anyway so I’ll get a better shot at another time .

A quick update on the already harvested inside gals … so not sure where you guys are at but here the prices are so low that it took me 6 months to get rid of my first harvest at only 100 an O right ? Well I gave samples to one person and he came back 4-5 times in last couple weeks for 120 an o and the sparkleface I can’t shut up about for 90 a half O . Last time I had a problem getting rid and it looks like this time my problem is running out to soon :joy: being how broke , in debt , behind , and someone is trying to sue me for God knows what ? I think it’s a good problem to have .

Ps. I hope I didn’t break any rules with that last part but if I did just lmk and I’ll edit it out . Thanks . And till next time my fellow stoner dudes and dudettes . Love , peace , and chicken grease . :cowboy_hat_face::v:


Looking very very nice on your pharm brotha!!


Looks like the not completely clear plastic cover working
Great up date thank you


Yep is working ok and after talking to jimmy ( licensed grower for Binghamton) and everyone else I feel pretty good about it.
However , I did rearrange my tent a little by taking the filter off and setting up exhaust fan to be outside of tent to raise the light all the way to the ceiling . After measuring I believe I may have about 4 inches of clearance and am going to see how well the freakshow will fit to finish it inside tent . Want to blast it with CO2 and try to thicken and make buds more dense . But main reason is just in case someone gets the bright idea to want to do a little clipping in the middle of night or when I’m not home . Obviously I want all my work but if I am visited by thieves they get the lesser yielding gals ya know? I’ll have one of my friends carry her in tomorrow. :+1:


You know what i find interesting is i have a co2 meter in the tent goes off all the time reading co2 from the plants maybe its the naked beans I feed them lol


Awesome thread man, only on 552 so expect a bunch more :green_heart: on year old stuff :laughing:


Gotta love some sam axe!


So I finally dipped into the Cali Dream bag that’s been curing for months last night. Whoa!!!

How high?

Really effing high lmao!!

So I took this bags maiden voyage with a buddy and sent him home with a phat sack.

While we were getting baked I knew he was toast cuz when were finishing a secondary smoke session he asked me if I was gonna fire it up or what… when he was literally holding the roach in his hand we just finished lmfao!!

Ty @Sydious


Oops. Typo.


Always an eyefull of goodness, yes sir, an eyefull.

We deal with army worms on early sewed wheat fields. Football fields of dreams green, green green forever, then the next morning, yellowed spots the size of football fields. They suck the nitrogen out of the plant. Overnight terrorists.

Enjoyed the tour.


Papaya Candy


Cherry Ice Cream

Blue Dream


Beautiful frosty buds Sir. :beers: