FFOF seedlings and germination

Started seedlings in FFOF. When should I start adding more nutes? I’ve been using ff trio. These are photo period 1 week

from germination.

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OF is good for 4 to 6 weeks from the last transplant. Measure runoff PPM and begin feeding when PPM dips below 1,000.


Cool thanks

Day 17 . In 1 gallon fab pots. What are your thoughts on transplanting to 5 gal fab pots or should I go from 3 gal to 5 gal. And should I wait until around 5 nodes or so to transplant. They are at 3 nodes now


Id allow them to go another couple in those pots then i to 5 gallon pots you want a good root structure before transplant

It is difficult transplanting from fabric pots. The roots tend to grow into the fabric and make it difficult to separate without damaging roots. I previously used plastic pots up to 1 gallon, then transplanted to final fabric pot.

Some people just place the fabric pot inside a bigger one but I find that wasteful using multiple fabric pots on each plant.

I have recently change to “nursery bags” that are available in sizes up to one gallon. They are inexpensive and make transplanting super easy by just placing the bag in a larger bag or pot. Absolutely no shock to the roots, they just grow through the bag. I use my old plastic pots to support the nursery bags, but there are other ways to keep them upright.

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Week 7 of veg in FFOF. Only small amount of grow big. I’ve heard to continue with grow big after the switch for a short period. Any suggestions? One of my autos still going! Lol

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Updated pics using FFOF. Day 47
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