Few tips for grow

A question from a fellow grower:

best place to store seeds?.. Any on
Pruning times etc so end up with big nuggs haha… And keeping autos on 24/7 , 2* 400w Hps coz They all in different stages is that ok? .1turn out so good to the other 3 coz they did turn to hermies but some how gone now picked a few off but just smaller plants.TIPS ON HERMIES PLZ! Got better soil one too…
Any help would be appreciated

Can you guys filter these questions from fellow growers better please.
It’s getting frustrating now. I can’t even read half of the questions, or hardly understand them.
These people asking these questions should have to use proper grammar as well, or their questions shouldn’t be posted. It’s filling the forum with repetitive questions and just nonsense honestly. I literally have NO idea what this person is asking, it makes NO sense when you read the post. I know we’re trying to help other growers, but they need to realize we can’t help them when we don’t understand them, or can’t read their words.