Few questions! :)

  1. So is it true, you start using nutrients when you see true 4-5 sets of leaves?
  2. During the germination process I have seen people smother their seeds in nutes, while in rockwool, is this good or bad?
    Because personally, I would like to keep it plain and simple.
  3. I was going to germinate my seeds in rockwool and place it underneath the HPS light I have, will this work?
  4. After I see the sprout I was going to place my rockwool within the hydroton medium (clay pebbles), and then just grow from there?
    Please answer my questions in order form, this would give me a good understanding, if I have any more questions I will ask dw! Thank you guys! :slight_smile:


First…Welcome to ILGM


1.). YES

2.). BAD

3.). YES. But t5s are mostly used

4.) That should be OK…as long as the pot is large for complete grow to finish.

I hope that I have answered all your questions.

B Safe



Wonderful! Answered it! For Q3, what is t5s?

Your answer to t5 grow lights…