Few more weeks?

My white Widow autoflower is at 5 weeks in flower today and 11 and 1/2weeks from first sprout. How much longer do you think she has?


Should have at least 3 more weeks , start looking at the tricomes to get a better idea

Yup, 3-4 weeks. My auto Lowryders have gone 2-3 weeks past advertised time. Glad I had help from these awesome members or I would have lost 3 weeks worth of fattening up and beautiful trichs. I cut tommorow or Friday:


I am I just ordered a 1 to 50x microscope and it sh. ould be here in a day or 2. Thanks

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That sounds great. I already stopped the regular pesticide and switched to a homemade one made of dawn, water, garlic, and chili powder

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Plants have a very long way to go.

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