Fertilization question

Why don’t the names of the fertilizers listed on Fox Farms feeding schedule match up with the names of the fertilizers in their dirty dozen fertilizer pack it came in?

You gotta look up the dirty dozen feeding program it should have all the bottles with checked boxes when too use the bottle it’s like blue orange and green collums I think

Here you go

The dirty dozen does not include the two organic products, Wholly Mackerel and Kelp Me Kelp You. Everything else should match up.

Sledgehammer is for flushing and shows up in the vertical light blue bars.

It doesn’t. The feeding schedule says cultivation nation grow, micro, and bloom. I have tiger bloom, grow big, and big bloom.

Cultivation Nation products are a new Fox Farms product line and somebody obviously packaged the wrong one.

You’ll need to download one or ask a local grow store for a feeding chart.

To make sure you got a Fox Farms product not tampered with look for expiration dates on the boomerang, microbrew and Kangaroots. The cultivation nation products have only been on the market a short while so if the dates on those products don’t appear to be current you might have a problem.

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Did you notice it looks like rebranded gh?

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I did not, but I figured fox farms original nutrient line is getting killed by more modern nutrient lines and they needed to do something to update the product.

I was trying to learn more about the cultivation nation line last fall but there was almost no information available at the time so I moved on.

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Don’t blame you. I have a love-hate relationship with them. I love that I can’t seem to go anywhere without running into it, but can’t stand using it. I have read a lot of the reports about gh so their specific npk ratios are unfortunately branded into my brain.

There were reports years ago that Monsanto bought fox farms. They are looking to be true.

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I emailed Fox Farms this morning asking them what the scoop is.

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I was interested in this so I did a little looking, and I found this if it helps.

@dbrn32 what is gh? I’m always looking for different nutes, currently using ff trio

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Sorry just saw you said you got big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom like the trio I use.

General Hydroponics. Has been around for a long time. I haven’t investigated closely because it’s not of concern to me, but the cultivation nation seems similar if not identical to the gh flora series 3 part.

If you’re looking to stay with synthetic and try something new, go with dry blends and save yourself some money.

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