Fertiliser question

From a fellow grower: I got a question about the fertilizers of yours?
When it says like for example 1gr./ 1l.
Does it mean that you spray the plant at that ratio or do you have to make up
9 litters for the watering can (9gr)?
What i mean is, is it enough just to spray the plants or should it also go in the soil?

Are they sure it isn’t 1 gram to 1 ml. where the “m” was somehow omitted, we need more to go on, not enough info. I know water (H20) atomic weight/volume is 1 gram + 1 ml.

When it says (for example) 1 gr/L that is correct - 1 gram of the powder mixed in with 1 liter of water. If you don’t have a scale that measures in grams, simply use the “teaspoons to gallons” equivalents that are listed in the feed charts. You can mix up a large quantity, but you only give the plant as much as it needs. When they are young, you may (for example) mix up a gallon of solution but only give them 2 cups per feeding. Store the remainder of the mixture in a cool dark place until it it time to feed them again.
Just water the soil - do not spray the plants. Be careful not to over water - this is the most common mistake new growers make.
I highly recommend you download the grow guides, which can be found here:

At the bottom of that page you will also find a link to download the Marijuana Grow Bible. Definitely download and read that as well.
The fertilizer concentration guides can be found here:




Matter of fact don’t spray your plants at all, EVER!!! Water beads and light cause burn marks. Nutrients on leaves cause burn marks. Nutrients go in soil or water reservoir.