Feeding my Autos

Not sure how to ask this but here goes. My auto is in the middle of flower right now and is drinking a gallon every 1-2 days. I’m feeding GH Flora series with the GH LKB supplement in soil. Can i make 5 gallons up in advance using airstone to use during the week?

Wouldn’t see why not, I do hydro (so far) an it stays good in the res. for a week or better. I think I wouldn’t leave it in the light tho cuz of alge growing in it. something dark & covered would be good to put it in.

Thanks pillsbury that helps me out a lot on time and such. Thanks again

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The only issue with making and storing feeding solution is the pH won’t remain the same.
It will increase or decrease based upon the reaction with the nutrient solution in water.

Just something to look out for.