Feeding coconut water but now ants :(

Hi this is my first grow (well at least first successful one) im from a country where… well lets just say that cannabis is frowned upon so i cant really get any good feeds for it but through research i found out that deluted coconut water could be a good substitute and it really was but now i have ants. Due to the current world situation i cant get my hands on any pesticides seeing as even online markets have closed already can anyone give me a natural substitute for this problem. Id really appreciate the help


diatomaceous earth will help kill them and add silica.

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@Covertgrower Thanks man. I recently found ants in my grow also, possibly from watering with tea that contains molasses and they also seemed to like the dried black soldier fly larva i added to my soil. I never heard of diatomaceous earth before but i googled it and its sold in my town. Will the extra silica be alright for the plants?

Extra silica is a strengthening agent. So it’ll definitely be helpful when it comes time to bulking up. Keep in mind most soil naturally has enough silica present. But won’t hurt a thing for extra.
Some growers mix this into their soil in the beginning.

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@Covertgrower Thanks man! I went out and got it and hand spread it over my whole garden. It’s interesting stuff feels like powdered sugar haha

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@tusnoob I like your setup