Feedback on drying method

A question from a fellow grower:

I place - a long row of screen door screens elevated on cinder blocks away from the floor - and i place a row of several common summer electric “box” fans on top of these screens with the suction side facing upwards. then I place another row of screen door screens on top of the suction side of the electric “box” fans.

Then I distribute my harvested materials such that air is always being drawn through the materials and I continue this for several days to a week getting it dried and just leaving a little little bit of moisture so that i can finish storage in an air tight container and it seems to stay fresher and over time gets completely dried. I’ve always had a great smoke. Am I doing or causing any detrimental damage unbeknownst to me?

If it’s drying no , now if you getting mold than yeah you could be .

You always want an indirect air flow on the buds. I prefer to dry in air, and then finish drying in paper bags. This allows for the inside of the bud to catch up with the air dried outer edge of the buds. This also allows for the outer dried area to remain evenly moist as buds finishes drying.

You really do not want any extra, or excess moisture in your jars. Thanks for sharing.