Farming is FUN!

week 4 in flower. Can you have too many colas? NO! This forest is only 3 plants! Two power plant and one Gold leaf. I am having a great time with my first grow!


Carry-on! Looking good. keep watch, closely, it gets better!
I started ILGM Gold Leaf (2) and Maui Waiu (3)., 11-11.
Keep me posted on yours, thanks.

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Looks great! What vivosun light are you using? They seem to appreciate it! I was very close to purchasing a full vivosun tent setup but talked myself out of it. And now I might be regretting the decision not to…

Well done Grow Bro, nice colors coming out in 1 of them :love_you_gesture:

Looking good enjoy the bounty

Very nice eye candy

Thanks for the eye candy! I love checking out some bud plants.

Looking good. They all look happy. You’re really going to get excited in about a month.