Fan Leaves yellowing 1st time grower

Nice to meet everyone! GSC Extreme Auto, 8 1/2 wks old. She’s been getting
7-8hrs direct outdoor sun with 75w lamp supplement. Temps been getting into 90’s with heat index higher and 80% humidity. When she started turning yellow I only put her out for morning sun, then back to the lamp. Nutrients include Great White once per week, aloe and molasses foliar during veg stage, molasses feeding in between watering in flower stage, dutch clover clippings for green manure. The buds look healthy and green up close with clear trichomes. We could both use your help!! IMG_8073|375x500

Showing a bit of nitrogen deficiency, a little early, but I’m she’ll make it. I would increase nitrogen a little. But not a lot, because she’s flowering.

Thank you for your tips! This is so much fun!

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