Fan leaves or bud sights?

Just curious about what is more important, leaving green leaves, or trimming them to open up lower bud sights. When they start to yellow a little, I trim them regardless, just looking for some input. As long as I am here, does it really matter whether or not you put the plant in the dark for 24 hours before harvest?

It depends on the strain, a monster bush yes, train it by all means, but a perfect size plant with excellent symmetry and fed just right during and up to finishing? The only thing you should be pulling off are perfectly yellowed fan leaves the plant depleted of mobile nutrients that were re-purposed for bud.

Two things should be happening in harmony when it comes to size and symmetry, the plant should be loosing fan leaves and building buds. It’s a natural process that puts more nutrients and photons where they’re needed most and at the right time, moving nutrients closest to the bud, too much nutrient imbalance can interrupt this process, actually thwarting the bud with green fan leaves that refuse to abscess, creating competition for light photons, and on the other end, the fans could be burned off too early, loosing overall girth, weight, and quality. Personally I found early pruning and training is better than crowd control in later stages.
I like the plant to have balance by pruning or natural plant size symmetry, coupled with N-P-K balanced formulas that address what the plant needs when it’s needed, from cradle to grave. .