Fall is in the air!

Howdy ya’ll,
I am not sure about the rest of you but I finally got a welcome relief from the heat. It was actually a high of under 93 yesterday. I know that doesn’t seem that cool to most but if you live in the sweltering hell they call Texas, anything below 90 degrees is time for a party! (Any reason for a party is a good reason actually.) Today we are supposed to get to 82 degrees for a high temp.
I have missed the leaves turning for several years and I am going to try to head up to TN for a change of scenery for a few days. The Dallas Stars (hockey) have several times where they are out of town for 5-6 days this fall. Gotta check the leave chart on Weather Channel. Anyone else a hockey fan? It seems like their would be a few in our group.
Hope everyone is doing well and getting your outside crops finished. I grow garden outside but weed indoors only. So much easier to control the environment indoors. I had one problem with spiders in the last two years and it was my fault. I was working in the tomato plants and must have carried one on me when I came in. After that, I shower before going from outside to inside. Seems to keep the critters away (knock on wood).
Ya’ll take care and have a good time growing.

Having spent my mid youth to early teen years in San Angelo; I feel ya.

All we get here in Hell Hole is Rain and more rain this year. We had a flood a month or so ago that made National noise. State gave us an EBT card (367.00) for having to miss a day or 2 of work. We literally could not get to Town.

Got rain again today, but supposed to get colder whether in a few days. I hope so! I am ready to have a fire! :sunglasses: I need to clear a bunch of brush and stumps this Winter.

Well here in southern Utah our highs have been in the 30s to 40s. Already had several inches deep snow storms! A welcome break from the last several years of drought like winters. A plus side is most the ski resorts are already open with a good base of natural snow, not just the man made stuff :smile:

Sounds good for skiing! Back in my younger days, I used to ski 3-4 times a week. In high school, esp in senior year, we used to skip school to go skiing. We did not have much of the man-made stuff in the late 60’s and early 70’s, but luckily, lived near the Great Lakes and always had the lake effect snow. In my 25 years in the military, I got to ski in a lot of places. I was in California for 6 years and we used to go to Big Bear to ski in the AM and end up surfing and watching the sun set on the beaches at night. Good times that produced a lot of great memories. The Red Hair Sensimila in CA was awesome then but some of the weed I grow now is MUCH better!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


My 5 years in the Marines was spent in sunny areas lol. Camp Pendleton, NAS Pensacola, south pacific float where I saw Australia, Iwakuni(probably spelled wrong lol) and Okinawa in Japan, back to Camp Pendleton for the remainder of my time. I grew up outside Las Vegas so the whole snow thing was new to me 8 years ago when I moved to Utah. Went from 660ft above sea level to almost 6100ft above sea level now lol. Quite a change!

I spent 23 in the Navy as a Corpsman and 19+ years of that with the Corps! The rest of the time I was in school in the Navy and one 18 month tour in a Navy Hospital in Guam. I was based in Camp Pendleton mostly in Area 53 (Camp Horno) but did about 3 1/2 years with Recon and went a lot of different places with them. I loved Mountain Warfare training in Bridgeport CA at Pickle Meadows. I also went to winter survival training TWICE with different units at Bridgeport ! Wasn’t too bad for me but some of the guys hated the cold and skiing. I had a blast as I did a Cold Weather merit badge as an Eagle scout.


That is awesome! While I respected all other branches of the Military, Corpsman got more respect than most. I was in Area 14, right down the hill from the brig. Worked on AH-1 attack helicopters with HMLA-267 “Stingers”. Always love meeting people that have been in the same areas!
Edit: I was an eagle scout as well by the way lol. Helped with an auto promotion on enlistment to an E2 :smile:

MOS 11B 25TH Inf Div. Hawaii 74-78, MOS 67N 7TH Inf Div. Cal.78-81