Extreme temps and success

Cool color variation between a haze variant and a Afghani

Outdoor grow Pacific Northwest/Seattle. 28’’ of rain since January first. Temperatures I am guessing to be 50-55 for an average with only maybe a week of above 70 degrees. lots of slug problems but no mold or hermys yet. I’d be happy to brag and give you guys a close up but it was really the color variation that I wanted to share. Both are afganis
They were started March 31st. and spent 4 weeks inside at about 70 degrees 18/6 under a LED 400 watt. Grown in 5 gallon smart pots.My own soil which was mixed with some organic fertilizer and per-lite. it actually was not the best.soil.


Sweet looking plants

Contrast in colors really pretty

Few of my white widows autos did the same thing…its the cold combined with little genetical predisposition…
Very pretty…

Wow, that first pic is beautiful.

Thanks for the compliments.
I agree Ragnar small genetic differences and the cold. three out of nine Afghani show the trait. This is my first auto grow. I needed to see what sort of sequencing I could do growing outside with autos.
Last year I lost 90% of my crop. temps dropped and the rain came as fall descended and I had to move them inside. I have 80 sq feet of indoor groom rooms (2) and had 8 plants 5-8 feet tall last year. Needless to say, there was much bending and snapping trying to get them to fit into the rooms. I had great air circulation and light movers with 1000 watt hps . But I lost em to mold. Maybe 10 oz of smokabowl dope. Heartbreaking.
Hopefully I like autos cause I could have three grows in succession… About 45 plants through the summer. The plants are pretty sugary so I think autos could be good. Gold leaf last year was exceptional. I had done a shit load of toppings and they easily developed more than 20 colas at 5’ tall. my very favorite ILGM strain. I highly recommend that one.