Extreme Heat in Southern CA

This sour diesel sativa clone was a present I got in March. Has always been outdoors. In FFOF soil and RO water. Also used FF nutes. Up until now the biggest issues were battling spider mites. Yesterday it was 121 degrees!!! (An actual record for the hottest temp recorded in Southern CA) I have moved her out of the direct sun and away from the hot patio. This is how she looks now. 1) What’s going on here? Is it just the extreme heat? 2) Any tips on what to do?

Just keep them hydrated, and keep the mites population down with spinosad. Or captain jacks dead bug.

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  • Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths
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That’s a hell of a pot! Lol. Super pack it looks like. Lol. Smart…

  • Sour Diesel from clone
  • Method: Organic soil Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil
  • Vessels: from solo cup to black felt pot which I covered with white cloth
  • PH of Water is 7
  • Outdoor
  • No Light system
  • Temps; Day, Night LA this summer HOT
  • Humidity; Day, Night
  • Ventilation system; No; outdoors

It was the Captain Jack’s that I used and the mites seem to be gone. But does it look okay? The soil is wet so I’m not going to water it again yet but won’t let it dry out all the way in this heat either.


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She’s looking like she could use some flowering nutrients, but she’s looking pretty good considering the mites.


Silica helps plants better handle extreme conditions…not sure anything can stop damage at 121 degrees. The white cover is very smart! It was 107 here yesterday and my plants handled it but not happy. Watered to run off 4 times. Good Luck!


Thanks, I was wondering about silica… and I have been adding a teaspoon of Buds + Bloom to waterings every other time, @Covertgrower

Good luck to you too!

Never have enough of it.

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How did you know when to water throughout the day? Look for wilting? Feel for dry soil 2” down?

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Does covering the pot actually help keeping it cool? I would think it traps the heat. Looks like your flowering (I just found this out my self) but when flowering they drink a lot of water. Where in Southern California are you?