Experts in Auto Flowering strains

Been reading and Auto Flowering and have never tried these strains - Looking for some feedback on is this really real? Let me start by saying “Not new to this and have a med sized set up” Been turning over three strains for years. (Snow white, Ak-48 and my personal collection of Hawaiian Based strains) - I have to run out about 25 plants and clean out the whole room and do that bi-annual fix all the broken stuff, upgrade valves, fix tables etc.) - Thinking about the auto flowering strains for the next grow of 28 plants in 5 gallon air pots?

  1. So is it as simple as plant, set timers and let em go?
  2. Assume you still LST these also?
  3. Current yeild is about .85 g/per watt so do they run the same or close?
  4. Has to be some sort of drawback? What is it?
  5. How the hell you know when to switch from Veg nutrients to flower nutrients? or is it that obvious the plant starts flowering?
  6. I am a Strong user and supporter of Led dual switched units, See a ton of posts that they do not re-act well with Led?

Any help would be appreciated - So much half ass information out there looking for facts and experience




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Ok have you come to the right place. Your timing is perfect. Here’s why just follow this link it’s to my journal on Auto flowering Plants and it’s just what you asked for and i will add you to the list of members watching



hope it helps :slight_smile:


I would say most “auto” growers use led lights. I would give em a go and see what happens. I would be interested to flow along if you did a grow journal to see how it goes!



Find your answers to your questions on my journal at this link

Team 101 { Experiment } Auto Grow, Clone Or Not To Clone Auto's - #1100 by Kapelady


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am already following the 101 will :wink: but thanks :slight_smile: