Experts come here

Hey im new here in day 24 my lights arent too strong please jelp any suggestions thanks you mens yeah its moby dick auto and automix auto both feminized

Please take pic with flash or without the light on.

Aight here we go


Looking good. May want a bit of water. Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:


Thanks mate

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Looking good, is that 1 plant in the pic? I see a smaller one below and curious on the age with these being autos and the small pot? What medium are you running these in :love_you_gesture:

What kind of soil are you using? It looks both dry and compact.

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Its like 6 plants there mate

Im using regular soil the cheapest ones bro

Do you have multiple plants in a single container?

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I have two in one big countainer running mate

Welcome!! You might want to consider a nutes schedule soon. If not sure what soil you’re using. Maybe fill out a support ticket and the community can help you I’m sure.

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Are you asking what to do to increase the light intensity? If so, move the plant closer to the light or drop the light down. But, do you have a light meter to make sure you are in the right range.

And, welcome to the best MJ community.

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That’s most likely your problem… If you can amend the soil with some goodies and perlite and vermiculate it will work better


@Bezvids – so, buying better soil will cost as much as cheap soil with all the amendments. Look at all your options. But, with the soil you’re using, I think @Caligurl is right. But, I’m a newbie. I’m learning too.


Hi there. You might want to separate. The roots will fight for the nutrients Nd 1 may make it but you won’t get the yield you want. just my 2 cents. Should be 1 plant per pot. Also could you snap pic of soil bag to see what nutes it has? If u going to keep them in this soil you will need to set up a schedule to add nutes.

The one on left is in flower.