Experiment on "Charlie Brown's tree"

Also when do you start the 8-10 week grow length please?

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Yeah that’s a great idea maybe just some cheesecloth would work as good as anything. Sorry bro I fell asleep… yeah the girls are looking great. I started 12/12 4 weeks and 2 days ago. So there in week five of budding second day of week 5 today.

No wait a minute that’s not right… they’re 81 days old. I repeated week 6 to get some size so they are actually in the second day of week 4. If my feeble mind serves me properly.

If you’re talking about flipping to a 12/12 light cycle for photos, I shoot for about 7-8 weeks in veg and then flip for the 8-10 in flower. Depending on individual circumstances (i.e. tent size, plant specifics, need, etc.), people go shorter and longer for sure.

Hey schlepo buddy I’m thinking that maybe it’s not a good idea to flush between every Reservoir change. That’s what I was doing and I developed a heck of a magnesium deficiency that I’m trying for the last week to get cured. I’ve done some research and they say that when you flush the roots like that you’re removing all the magnesium that would otherwise be available. Anyway I just wanted to tell you that. Maybe not every Reservoir change. Maybe only twice during the whole run just to remove salts. I’m no Pro with dwc that’s for sure. Learning everyday something new

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What you were asking about starting the flowering. Switching the lights to 12 / 12. I usually wait about 8 weeks. Depending on the size of the plants at that stage. I usually top the second or third week. Sometimes I wait longer. I like them to get up pretty good size before they get flipped. It depends really how much space you have. When they’re half as big as you can let them get that’s when you need to flip. Cuz they’ll double in size


-2 tsp micro( add 1st, mix in)
-1 tsp grow.
-3 tsp bloom.
-1 tsp cal-mag.
-1 tsp bud candy.
-1/4 tsp Miracle-Gro.

Then I mix well in my black 5 gallon DWC system without a resivor(see pictures). Lately, I’ve been letting the plants drink just about all of the bucket then I refill with 1 gallon cleaned out plastic milk jugs
The pictures are of the progress so far in end of week #3. Close ups are of of the “bud closet I have in my studio apt” 36"x36"x85" and the last one is the progress of the “Charlie Brown tree/Griswald’s Christmas tree” 20"x20"x58". It’s been under LED’S & 125W fluorescent only(remember it’s my little experiment). So as you can see I don’t have a lot of room to work with but I’m trying! Also another reason I’m really, really, really thinking about changing to soil. I’d only need 3-5 planters of 3 gallon size. Roughly a 2 cu. ft. bag couldn’t handle. Unless someone or yourself can shed some fatherly, upper level, eye opening, ahh ha information on me I think that my be my direction :thinking:.
Thanks 4 putting up with me!!!

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Those plants are beautiful bro they’re coming along great. Last time I grew I used a Coco perlite Mix 70/30 and 5 gallon cloth bags on a table with a reservoir and fed /water them four times a day. Only thing I would have changed about that system was to go to 10 gallon bags. Cocoa and perlite works great. It’s just Hydro. You got to rinse the hell out of the cocoa before you use it though. Otherwise it just makes kind of a mess. I liked that grow I would probably do that again.

I’m not going to talk you out of growing in dirt. My next grow will be in 10 gallon cloth bags with the soilless mix. This dwc is way too much hassle. In my opinion. I’m liking my results no kidding but what a job.

Hey s h l e p p how’s it going? Man I was looking over your recipe and I was wondering about the quarter teaspoon of Miracle grow… the plants look okay I don’t think it’s hurting them but why??? I don’t think anything would be wrong either with the size of bags and their numbers of plants that you’re considering. That should fill up the space perfectly. If I had limited space I would probably go with fewer plants bigger bags and try to fill the space up with bigger growth. Does that make sense what I’m saying? Anyway I think you’re doing a great job. And I wouldn’t let anybody sway me or put no negativity on my program… LOL brother

I’m not exactly sure why I use a little bit of Miracle-Gro I just do figured it couldn’t hurt :upside_down_face: :sweat_smile:. I haven’t seen any adverse effects yet. Would you please do me a favor and tell me how I can get a video uploaded here? I have 3 mini vids(15 sec each) that I made with my 100X microscope to show the “tricycles” (get er!) because I have a whole 12" tall super massive plant that I believe is red-eye. I would like a 2nd opinion. And yes, I know I’m ugly so that’s not the 2nd onion I’m looking for(ha ha). Thanks…

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Hey bro I don’t know how to upload a video on this site or any other site for that matter. Lol I am not tech savvy I’m old. I can tell you how to answer a call on your beeper. Though. LOL you go straight to a payphone. Which I don’t think they have any more either. LOL you’re cracking me up bro. I can almost see those trichomes on the picture that you took. If you had just some little magnification you might be able to see them. I don’t know somebody else on here will be able to tell you if there’s a way to upload a video. I think my girls are starting to recover from their magnesium deficiency they look better tonight. I raised the lights and dimmed down a little bit on everything. I think I was getting a bit of bleaching. They look like they’re doing pretty good now though. Wish I could be of more help on the video thing but maybe ask tech support they might be able to tell you how to do it or how to get a better picture.

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Here’s a few pictures.


These 2 pictures are of the OG Kush feminized that’s its backdoor neighbor. She’s in the end of week #4 ready to start 5 on Tuesday.



Those pictures are pretty clear I if what I’m seeing is correct I’m still seeing a lot of clear trichomes which would indicate watching it daily but let it continue on a little bit. But I’m not there so maybe somebody else will jump in with a different idea. And I wasn’t seeing any Amber’s at all so you’re safe to allow it to continue a bit just monitoring it and watching it daily with a 30/ 60 power lens.

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Ok thank you :blush:.

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P.s. Shlepp…those girls are beautiful!!! You have done some great work…took a tiny seed and came off with some delectable smoke…good on ya!!!

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Got a question. Is it worth it to make my own CO2 at home from a 2ltr bottle using RAW sugar, WARM water, yeast extract, baker’s yeast, brewer’s yeast? Then you have to place it up above the plants because it’s heavier than air correct? I was also informed to use plastic not glass for the container because of explosion purposes. Any advice or is CO2 in a closet setup like mine a waste of time?
Thanks 4 putting up with me.

This is the system that I’m using. It’s like $75 on Amazon. You use citric acid and baking soda mixed with water. They have a very finely tuned drip system that you can adjust to the size of your space using a formula to provide ultimate CO2. And my system I’m allowing one drip per second and my system has only had to been refilled one time in the entire run of this crop. I’m very happy with it it may be supplying more CO2 than is actually needed. Hope this is of help this is the easiest cheapest way to go