Experienced growers please look and advise****

Thanks for looking. Backstory, never grown before.Soil was organic miracle grow to composted store bought cow manure at 4 parts to1 mix ratio.The mix showed to be about 6.5-7 ph and I used spring water that showed around 6 ph. 5 gallon bucket used for container. Drainage holes in bottom and 1/4 of rock on bottom. Genetics unknown. A friend gave me these from seeds he had collected from his smoke. He had gave me some seeds out of a one hundred year old house he found in the floorboard when tearing down, but only one made it and it died. So he gave me these that were already started from random bags of smoke. Plant one was topped before I got it, And the other 2 are natural, no topping. plant 2 got bud rot. I kept finding poop in that plant. I got compressed air and blew it out, burned a few spots from moving can and blowing freezing air. The poop came back. Bought a 20x loupe. No bugs found. To my suprise I happen to look up and above the plant was around 50-60 catelillers in the tree right about it, the poop was fallin from above. Cleaned again ans sprayed with water. Then I go bud rot.(I had too close to thick growth, couldn’t get air flow but from one side and limited sun. I noticed it was retaining water as well in leaves and buds. I started to throw it away but instead experimented and Removed rot and sprayed down with peroxide spray 3% and gave that plant some in its water as well at roughly 10 sprays for one gallon of water. The other 2 I also sprayed lightly on leaves not bud and on rock i used for mulch. All have been moved to direct sunlight with good wind air flow from all sides. I started using fox farm trio at 1/4 the recommended dose in late veg then switched to 1/4 flowering (buds and blooms and big bloom)Except this past week I gave rhem
2 servings. Been in flowering for around a month. The leaves look rough looking, buds seem to look good but all plants aren’t that big. Looking foward to starting agian later with good genetics. As far as with these any help, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’ve smoked for over 15 years but never tried growing. I’m out of my element and not sure what’s going on. if I should give more nutes, flush, or wat. Doesn’t seem to be much bud for all these but I know these were from bags of smoke so i assume not best genetics to start with. First grow I hope I can harvest something off these and obtain knowledge on the subject. Thanks for reading, please comment!!

@Baney Welcome to the community. Why are there rocks is there soil underneath it? Miracle Grow is not meant for cannabis those some people use it. It is a time release fertilizer and then using FF trio compounds problems. Use a soil made to grow cannabis like FFHF, FFOF. or Promix. Some of the leaves look like they have water burn. I would just finish them off. let me tag someone who has more experience with your bud rot @my

@Deepsix first off thanks for commenting. This is my first post and my first reply. I had read that about MG and the extended release so I went with organic MG because It didn’t indicate the extended release on the bag, or so i thought. Your right man, I just went and found the bag and sure enough I overlooked it. It says feeds all season*** The rocks in the bottom are the same as mulch ontop. The idea was it would help drain water. The more I research I should have used vermiculite? I have noticed all summer even in the hottest days my reader says soil wet so I’m assuming it’s not draining the best. I cut back to water once a week one gallon split between all 3 plants. By looking at the plant do you have a idea how much longer, as a general guess to experienced eye. I’ve tried to keep a journal to reference and learn by, looking back I noted on 6/25 hair showing and guessing at that point about a week into flowering. Also should I just stop with the nutes?

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Do you have Amazon prime? There’s a jorge cervantes movie that I think would benefit you. It specifically covers why you shouldn’t put rocks in the bottom of your pot and other outdoor specific things.

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@RandomlyRan I do I will most definitely check it out, possibly even tonight. Thanks for your input. Appreciate the wealth of knowledge already picked up several things from
Your and previous reply.

Hey no problem we all over look something at some point. Let me tag someone with more experience @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower @Hellraiser with your bud rot and about nutes

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@Deepsix Thanks!!

@Deepsix checked the moisture level to see where I’m at. This is wat showed. I’m gonna try to keep it at a constant, since I cannot contol the mg soil, try to improve water technique. Would around 5 be best? Also checked ph as well.

This three way meters don’t work. I would recommend a digital ph meter, and for moisture I would check with your finger. You can also lift the pot to see how heavy it is after watering.
Fox farms makes good nutrients.
A lot of members are switching to Jacks nutrients.


Like @Covertgrower said those meters are not accurate