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I’ve had about a dozen grows so far the seeds here by the way are amazing I have a ton of pictures I’ll have to upload one day from start to finish but my question is what is the best way to get rid of smell while growing? 9 out of 10 say carbon filters which I have two I’m trying to find out what the best carbon filter on the market is and where I can get it I have a 4x4 small grow made out of an old giant refrigerator which works out great because it’s sealed except for my 4-in intake with an inline fan and my 4-in exhaust which goes through a carbon filter and then out a 4-in fan so it is a great growth space I want to be able to exhaust it right into my kitchen and not have to go out the window so please throw me some ideas of the best quality available carbon 4-in filters thanks in advance…

I dont think brand really matters on those carbon filters. They work for a couple months (4-6) then you gotta replace them. If your looking for quality a HEPA air scrubber system would be better but very expensive ($480-$780) but even at that price those filters will still need to be replaced eventually and are the cost of 1 carbon filter if not more so id just go with a basic brand carbon filter and call it a day unless your ready to dish out money. Here is what i bought ot was $42. Dont buy name brand they are all the same thing and the ac infinity brand is like $60-$70

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With the carbon filter you’ll be able to exhaust in the kitchen with no smell. Heat management could become an issue, if it starts getting too warm when the light are on, you’ll want to go out the window.

Those portable freestanding AC units come with a window adapter with a 4 or 6” opening - which could be used as a “discreet” ventilation port for the window. Just seal up any drafts and temp loss won’t be a big issue.

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Here is a cheap way to get the filter and fan out of the tent, and improve head room inside tent. This will allow the correct airflow direction through the pre filter. All that you need is a gallon bucket with lid, two four inch flanges, a short piece of four inch smoke pipe, and some sealant. All of the parts fit together like a glove. Use the connection on the bottom as the inlet. Also you can open the bucket every few weeks, and rotate the filter a 1/4 turn to extend filter life.
I would set this on a shelf outside of the room my tent is in.
I love to find a dual purpose for items.

Also about flex duct, it sucks. My small (2x3) tent was always too warm during the days. I had a 4 inch fans on both intake and exhaust, and with 4 inch flex duct, (12ft on intake & 8ft on exhaust).
Before I started my last grow, I changed the 4in flex duct out for 6in flex duct. Man, what difference I now have 3x the air flow. Everything is the same except the tent flanges and duct size. Also there is no more noise from moving air now. But the humming of the fans seem more pronounced now. Oh well, I guess you can’t have everything

I ended up going with the i-power carbon filter and fan but I was getting heat issues so I put a second fan exhausting out in the heat is great it’s been staying at 75-77

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