Ethos genetics what do you guys think?

Ty b woods
They are nice and dense at the squeeze and smell delicious…


First grow with photos for me. Ive always ran ILGM autos.

These are my Ethos “Memberberries”. 4 weeks into flower, another 4 to 6 to go!


Very nice fellas thanks for all the pics


My ethos filling the 4x8 well will flip these in a week


Nice going to fill that tent my friend, I have grown Early lemon berry one of my favorites always good nuggets and yields, Cherry gar see ya was a beauty and her purple buds are curing but the cherry flavor are awesome, and I grew a Chem x pluto autoflower, and its a good weed, with good yield, but I am done growing autos. Here’s lemon berry

Cherry gar see ya

Good luck with your great looking grow, nice work :+1:


@Dennis62 thanks I think I should flip soon there gonna fill it for sure I’m saying


@Dennis62 your plants and really nice to btw


Who’s from Australia here hard to get good beans here but managed to get some good ones but any ideas who ships here be helpful to

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Thanks man I am in a 2x4 closet, last grow was ethos design, just starting a grow with Delicious seeds indica dominant strains. But just bought two more ethos strains for next grow lol no idea on beans there man idk


I got so Manny ethos to run purple skittles and lilac desil be next


I’ve got (2) Ethos “purple majik” going and I’m impressed, photos that flowered first out of all strains this year! Just brought the bag plant inside due to storm coming… chunky buds and a nor-easter don’t go together… I’ll run fans after rain…lol


Liked this one so much I bought two more Ethos strains for next outdoor season!

Planet of the grapes

Gramps Stash

Cant wait…love me some grape…


I’m so jealous! I wanted to get the Planet of the Grapes :joy:


A couple months ago, I scored two free ethos zweet x lilac diesel auto seeds, sounds fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve grew sweet autos there fire crossed with lilac be really nice man good score


@ThermoNukePanda I got a pass and alot of seeds got a signal account or wikr we can chat about the weather


I love ethos. Every seed I’ve gotten has sprouted and plants always have heavy dense buds.
Here are my Purple Thai, drying and pluto cut runtz still growing


I dropped a grand to join the Multipass club at the start of the year - best thousand dollars I ever spent!
The first drop was like 148 seeds across like 20 strains - in fact…

And probably another 15-20 strains I’ve bought packs for. LOL!

Dude - that’s the best weed I have grown, smelled, tasted or smoked! Hands down!
Did you get the Lemon PineSol pheno? Literally smelled like Lemon PineSol cleaning stuff! And so damn sticky!
Don’t get it in your eye - about went blind one night after accidentally touching my eye after handling some fans i plucked.
My first taste(harvested maybe 3 weeks ago) even uncured was mind blowing!
through the bong I could feel the cool rush of the terps expand in my lungs and a cold chill run up my spine.
It’s that F’n good!

I’m re-vegging that lady as we speak!
Gonna spend all winter doing SoGs in the 4x4 with those coming clones. I can see ZERO drawback to having a couple pounds of that laying around.
I could easily get $300-$500 for an oz of that around here.

Ethos breeds for homogeneity and stability. Pretty much every strain of theirs I have grown is EXACTLY as described in their literature. Can’t say that for most breeders. Hell, look around the site and count how many posts there are saying “I’m growing this but it looks like something else”
Not a conversation that will often be started behind Ethos Genetics. They’re that stable!

Current re-vegging Member Berry RBx, and the Apex R1. Current seedlings/starts - 2x Orange Velvet Underground, 1x Lemon Berry Candy and 1x Samo 78.
Outside finishing up for the fall are 2x XXX clones, a Original CrescendO X Grandpas Stash and an Ethos Haze auto.
Currently hanging to dry - Citradelic Sunset Auto.

Just bagged up the MB and Apex mentioned above as well as the XXX and C X GPS, Lilac Diesel and Ethos Cookies.

I plan on keeping that MB around for a while with the goal of having some clones for friends sometime this fall/winter.
I gotta go all Johnny Potseed and spread that pheno around some!

Can’t wait to start on my Regs and come up with some of my own crazy crosses and maybe do some IBL’s to strengthen up some future beans.
Hell the MB might get me to buy some silver and make my own seeds!
I cannot praise that plant highly enough!

So yeah - I guess you could say I like Ethos Genetics pretty well. LOL!


I dont know. I’m pretty sure it’s regular? Says it is just a hybrid of Mandarin Sunset and skunk Berry. Smells absolutely delicious though and is some of the stickiest stuff I have ever grown.

I gave friends some clones too before i flipped so theres at least anither 10 or 12 plants growing at friend’s houses too lol


If only we could post links to smells!

:laughing: :joy: :rofl: