Equipment Suggetions?

so this is what im working with. how many plants should i go for and is there anything i should replace? already thinking the lights wont be enough

i know i shouldve acquired items separately but i just needed sumn to start. anyways im eventually tryna have more than adequate equipment

This is correct. How big is that tent? We can help you make a better choice.

Can you return it? I guess everything is probably ok except the lights. But that’s the most important part…


should i return? would getting new lights suffice for a while?

I would go with an HLG 260 (not an XL) or one of the smaller Spider Farmer lights, but make sure the one that you pick has Samsung LM301 diodes.

If you only do one plant at a time you could probably get away with an HLG 135, but a 260 would serve you better. Be sure to get an Rspec.

any links?

Yeah, new lights would suffice, but a good portion of what you paid is for that light. I started with a purple light, but realized it wasn’t what I wanted and returned it in the 30 day window. The plants took off with upgraded lighting.

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Search on Horticulture Lighting Group.

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Here mine sits. It’s the best place for a burple besides the trash bin.


these lights look like they might be a lil too big for the tent i might just send the kit back and order a bigger one. how important/expensive is the filtration detail should i purchase items separate?

They should fit in a 32x32 just fine.

Your fan and filter should be okay, but imho AC Infinity products would be better. Just my opinion.


I do believe the 260 is only 30" wide from end to end. If u get it may i suggest getting wire long enough to run the driver on the outside of the tent for heat purposes. Driver gets warm lol. Going thru this with a 135 in a 2x2x4 tent right now. Moved the driver outside tent and abo i t a 7° temp difference

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Standard 260 kit is 600mm x 205mm. About 24"x 8".

That is probably the way I would go for 32"x32" tent too. 135 kit is just a little small for my liking there.