Equipment sterilization

What do you folks use to sterilize your equipment?

Is a sodium Hypochlorite solution of 1-100 acceptable? This is the dilution ratio that is used in hospitals for surface disinfection.

I like to use 70% iso for surfaces. I flame my trimmers and anything i’ll be making cuts with by dipping it into 99% iso. And if I used a room for breeding and there was pollen everywhere I use a 10% bleach solution to scrub down the walls.

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I use hydrogen peroxide between grows just straight from the brown bottle, and during the grow I mix like 3tbs of the peroxide in a quart sprayer and spray n wipe everything down plants included (don’t wipe plants) once every 3 weeks or so until flower then I don’t spray the plants anymore but I do spray n wipe around the tents


Standard cleaning i use peroxide solution. Heavy cleaning will go to bleach solution. I usually just use isopropyl alcohol for things like trimming shears.

For any actual sterilization, I use 91% isopropyl alcohol.

For sterilization of cutting tools etc., I use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol. To clean in my tent I use straight Hydrogen Peroxide.

Where do you fin 99%? 91% is the highest I ever see around here.


Duh. I just checked Amazon, and there it is.

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Got it on Amazon :yum:

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