Environmental Controllers

What if I said you could have a full environmental control system exactly like the newest wireless trolmaster system for a fraction of the cost?

Would you be willing to learn how?

Or would you want it already setup for plug and play?

It’s clear to me that environmental automation is far more expensive than the actual cost of creating and distributing the product itself.

This allows for a marketable product to be able to take the entire environmental automation section by storm!

Please post thoughts, ideas, questions and concerns below. Let’s chat about it

I’ve thought a lot about trying to set something up with that Arduino or Raspberry Pi. The sensors, peristaltic pumps and other components seem to be readily available.

I feel certain I could put it all together, just as I feel certain I could never do the programming to make it do anything. Old lady programs robotic welders . . . I’m trying to get her interested and maybe I (we) will try to put something together.

So your saying you’d prefer it to be a plug and play system that way you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to code it?

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I’ve already done the coding part :wink:

Yes, plug and play is what I would need to do.

That code stuff is beyond me . . . I can’t even figure out Excel formulas beyond the very basics after years of trying. Assembling parts, wiring, fabrication or building are all simple

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Software included but not worried about install gotcha

Working on redesigning the GUI for a touchscreen user friendly system but it will stand on its own without the need for the consumer to wait for 3rd party server response.


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