End of the year grow

Well this season grow is over and for the first year it didnt go to bad , 5 months of watering fertalizing , dealing with triple digits in Cal, its been a interesting and costly ,I think I learned more when things went wrong , yellowing leaves , Bugs! , next season I go a whole new plan in , hopefully lower cost , less maint, and higher yeld,I like the thank everyone on this forum .



First off congrats on a great grow. If you think you did good then you more than likely did awesome.

Second of course we learned more when we make mistakes, that’s how we learn from them.

Third you out side guys are so lucky to be able to veg so long out side, and grow such monster trees :evergreen_tree:… please post pics.

Forth don’t change to much of your grow it sounds as if you have something going the right way, I’d hate to hear your next harvest is bad.