End of first SCROG, tucking in colas?

I’ve seen it happen here on ILGM, just tonight I tucked in the tallest colas under the stretchable trellis net I’m using.

Will this increase grams during the final 2-3 weeks of flowering? This way they’ll get more light on the side of the cola I’m still at all clear trichomes right now. Max time is 3 weeks I’m guessing.

Tallest height of the canopy has not increased in several days.


Interesting! If it helps to even out the light distribution and fill things out better it definitely should help I would think.

You might end up with some buds that look like uh, they could use one of them pills I heard about and 4 weeks of taking it easy, if you get my meaning. :laughing: Bit of a curve to em.


I feel like if tucking was done for air or light penetration ok. But the stretch and growing is over so i dont see any benefit


What a SCROG does primarily is allow you to get a decent yield out of a short plant. It also converts a round footprint into a square or rectangular one; matching the light footprint. It really does not increase yields over a well-trained upright plant. Done side by side I get similar yields.