Emulating Mother Nature… Indoors or Playing God

So I was listening to Kyle Kushman’s Podcast and a topic they were on about was essentially how Mother Nature always end when it comes to quality. Obviously an incredibly debatable topic in itself but they brought up and idea that was somewhat interesting and I thought it could make for an interesting discussion amongst all the growmies here. So here’s the idea…

**How can one emulate Mother Nature inside using artificial sun, wind, water, etc. **

Some things to think about for this discussion:

  • Soils that recreate different soils found in different parts of the world. Why does weed grown in South African soil grow so differently than soil from the Emerald Triangle???

  • The sun rises and sets approximately a minute or two earlier/later each day. How does this affect the trichome production, structure, etc.

  • Ocean air. Does the air coming off the ocean carry salt and minerals that can possibly be recreated using a humidifier or something similar???

I want this thread to explore all the different ways that indoor growers can manipulate the artificial to emulate Mother Nature. (This could almost be an episode of the Twilight Zone. Cue Rod Serling smoking a Joint…) :smiling_imp:

Anyways… hopefully this thread can bring about some interesting discussions to help us all make the best possible cannabis we can!!!


Good day gang. Interesting Moose. The forests are also self feeding with top dressing, dropping organic matter regularly and watering it in slowly. The top few inches being very important

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I believe we could recreate just about any condition. All it takes is time and money.

Don’t forget about altitude and it’s possible effects on transpiration.

Co2 variables? seasonal, location, populous proximity.
Light variations based on latitude?

Man, this could get deep real quick.


Pruning is natural forests are self-pruning with animals like beaver and moose, and wind, limbs and trees fall on others. I’m part of this earth and ecosystem so if I’m pruning it’s natural.


That’s the idea!!! Figured it might bring about some interesting discussions.

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Good points @Jaysittinback there is no real schedule for feeding, it’s just kind of always happening. As far as pruning goes, you’re right. Plants and trees all go through all sorts of natural pruning and stress.


I wonder how closely we can replicate the soil of the outdoor environment with it’s many forms of biota breaking down organic matter with our limited resources in a tent.

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The only thing I do specifically as it relates to Ma Nature is lights. My intensity is set lower for the first and last 2 hours of the light cycle. Regardless of how many hours it is on. I do 20/4 for the first several weeks, then drop it to 18/6 for the rest of the veg phase. Obviously when I flip to flower I am at 12/12 but the last 2-3 weeks I drop it to 10/14 and monitor humidity and DLI.


I have been doing this as well


That’s really clever. Mine does an automatic “sunrise/sunset” but it simply adjusts the intensity by 10% every couple minutes. What do you use to program your lights???

My hands. The cycle is on a timer but when I get up in the morning, it is close to lights out so I dim it one turn. Same thing in the evening. Lights on at 5 pm. before I get ready for bed, I turn it up 1 click. I always set my plants day to my evening so I can see her in the am and the pm.

I have the HLG 350 Evo with the dimmer knob. 10 clicks but the first one doesn’t turn it on and the last one doesn’t increase the power from the 9th one. So really I have 8 intensity options.

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Awesome!!! I learned with my last grow I have to make sure the lights are on my schedule too. I had lights out like 5 hours after bedtime so it made watering not super ideal since I like to water an hour or so before lights out.


I recommend changing your schedule to morning, this allows soil and leaves to dry and is a big help in the control of fungal disease.

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I changed that around for this grow. Works out a lot better!!!