Emergency help my plant are dying

I switch my plant to flowering stage and my plant are diying pls someone help me and tell me what is the problem???

Over pruning ? Took alot off of her.

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What can I do to repair her? Or she lost?

@Alexs2016s I’ve heard they use molasses (brown sugar initial kind) to provide sugar to plants with low foliage left.


Did you remove all the leaves if so why ?
Looks like you have other problems going on also
I see discoloration on some of the leaves that are left and they are clawing a bit

As far as what you can do to repair her im sad to say not a whole lot since it looks like your in flower now
let her go and see what happens water her with ph 6.5 water

I would never cut that many leaves off, bad information I guess, but those leaves are needed, maybe yellowing ones at bottom I cut off but those are the plants solar panels and you cut off the lifeline too much your plant will suffer. It is all a fun learning experience and you will be full of information on the next grow.


looks like over watered plant.
size of your pots?
nutes? pH? temps?
clawing leaves are sign of over watering. just stop watering now and dry her out for a 5 days. make sure a lot of oxygen goes to the roots.
and then you can start with lower npk (1-1-2)
don’t overfeed her (25% of nutes are ok)
Check your pH (you need 6.5)

Looks like it was over watered and Over pruned and starving for food and or light what’s your condition and lights

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Plenty of nitrogen. but, leaves are curling down…bad indicator. too much nutes-bloom. might also watch the PH. Right now…plain PH’d water.

i would say you went early into flowering…that’s a pretty small plant to be going to flower with. i would say that she needs more light and your either over watering her or under watering. water every 3 days and keep the temp below 80deg F in the grow area. she isn’t lost far from it. i have recovered from MUCH WORSE than this. get some liquid fish fertilizer (stinks to high heaven but the ladies LOVE it.)

also get your plant set out of the plastic pots and into 5lb grow bags, they are fabric and help with both drainage and allow the soil to breathe and get more oxygen to the roots.

and looking at the soil. m thinking your over watering and drowning the roots. are thier drain holes in the bottom of the pots? even if thier are get them into grow bags. also…rain water…collect it in a rain barrel…so much easier and cheaper than any other option

Sorry to but in but could you give me ur thought on this i have 2 tht is like this.

I have a 3rd plant doing just fine all 3 are autoflowers but 3 different strains P.E G.S.C & S.B the P.E is doing fine tips on her first set of leaves were a bit burn like nute burn but she doing fine now the other 2 are growing in like this. Could it be a nitrogen deficiency rather than hot soil since its affecting 2 and not 3 of them. ? Whats your thought. Sorry again for butting in.

Check this video on plants nutrition: click-clack

They say the Plant can stop water intake and plant’s cells start to dry if there is a big amount of solids (nuts) in your water solution.