Emails I get every week

I get an email every week from this place,I accidently deleted it before I read it .Was wondering if there is anyone I could contact to get that resent? It is usually a good read and sometimes has sales going on…thx

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Check your trash and you’ll probably find it :blush:

Thx…deleted it from spam…its gone…i feel like I’m the last person on earth that still uses aol for email…lol…
Not blaming that,I’m the one who deleted it, hehe,just saying

I have the last email they sent out and would be willing to forward it to you. Just PM me your email and I’ll forward it to you.
(There was no sale in the last email I got, it was about the different types of cannabis)

@jmesser80…thanks alot…i was hoping there would be a sale for some stuff…oh well ,maybe next time…thanks for reaching out!

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@Neckred @Jmesser80 email I got yesterday had a code for $20 off at checkout, good until sept 4th, on orders over $99…

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Hope it is ok to post this here… if not, I’ll delete it…


Just click on the grow bible and it’ll ask you to sign up again! :slight_smile: occasionally

Hmmmm I never got that email. I actualy usualy never get discount codes.

@ron330,@whodat66,thank you guys as well…now to shop…lol

The code automatically appears when you go to check out. As long as you meet the above $99.00

Happy shopping! :v::seedling:

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@Jmesser80 maybe don’t share personal info could end up bad just a friendly warning bro
Happy growing


I got that coupon and fully plan on using it to score some Afghan autos.

@muffybunny Afghan is one on my list as well…seems like it should be some really good might night medicine…

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Just my luck… Auto MIx Pack is exactly $99 and does not qualify for the discount alone. Guess it was not meant to be :cry:

probably for the best, I already have enough beans to get me through next year… But always on the look out for deals on different strains than what I currently have…

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You could always add these to your order … Just a thought :v:

basically get those for free and still save $10-

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Exactly! Or, you know sometimes when u go to checkout it gives you a surprise offer… check it out

Yeah I ordered a couple weeks ago and it offered me buy 5 get 5 gold leaf. I didn’t need any this go around, but it was a great offer @70sChick

PS Like the username. What’s the story on that? hahaha

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My teenage years were in the 70’s . Love the 70’s music Great memories

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