Elongated plants

This is my first indoor grow and two of my plants have elongated due to use of wrong light I have them under a 1000w mh bulb now will they start getting thicker under the mh light ? Or are they going to fail ?


Pictures in natural light with the strain and physical parameters, would be nice.

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Blueberry strain. They are in soil that is already mixed with fertilizer I forget the mix ratio on it but it’s a mild mix I haven’t added nutrients yet cause the soil already has nutrients mixed in also

A seedling specific soil, or non fertilized soil is best for seedlings.
1000w is a lot of light for seedlings. A 60w cfl hung right over them is usually enough for the first few weeks as they establish their root system.

Get your lights sorted out and they should recover

I don’t have them directly under the light anymore I’m using the light as a aide to heat my grow room also but as of right now they are not directly under the light