Electrifying! - pellet starters -- got my seeds among other things

I got my Birthday gift…wonderful…impressive…and static electricity in my long hair lol

also what do the pros think of the pellet starters /with hole for seeds/add water?

I hate them. They keep moisture at a specific spot all the time and if you’re going to have root rot, it’ll happen at the starter.

OH Boy, somewhere on here I put a pic of my plant in question…
*but I got yellow sticky’s, diatamacious earth, ph test kit liquid neut/vit …thrive something, got temp/humid meter, moved my light to 18" ! I TESTED the water from my tap… 8.0… it was quite green, this could be the cause of leaf detieriation/dryness/drooping Right???

Yes a pH that high could contribute to all those symptoms you just mentioned.

I personally do use peat pellets, but yes you need to leave them alone to kind of slowly dry on their own after the initial soaking because they do stay very very wet, and if they stay too wet too long it will drown the seed.

I also use very small rockwool starter plugs, however, regardless of whether I’m using a peat or rockwool plug, I use both of them in a mini “bubble” DWC or bubble cloner, so even if the peat cube is staying too wet, it is staying wet with a very highly oxygenated water so as to keep the seed from drowning.

soak in nuets water or just water till they leave and I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Just proper pH water until they have developed a few nodes and true leaves.

Hi its me again… ok WW have sprouted to two inches

  1. am I supposed to have them in the fan of the saucer led light I am using?
    will the fan bother them? I am seeing a couple irritated leaf ends
    (or spraying to direct?
  2. I am thinking I over watered the other grow…all but 2 died I sent u pics,…I put them in sunroom back of garage and look like coming back??? one of those is 2.5 feet and the other is almost two feet? should I plant them in my woods?,
  3. will deer eat them? I saw one deer twice in two years here.
    I thought it 'd be easy to ask all at once? sorry and Thank you again for your time.

1.) A fan gently blowing the leaves around is good, but too much wind-whipping is not good.

The irritated leaf ends might not have anything to do with the wind. Again pH or nutrients in the soil could be the culprits. Curling, twisting, or browning or spots could all point to pH or nutrient problems. What type of “irritation”?

2.) Good that they are coming back. Yes you can probably put them in the woods.

3.) I’m pretty sure deer will eat them. Stop Deer Eating Your Marijuana Plants Now!

ok sounds like I am ok maybe… The tips are a bit brownish just the edges… I am wondering if I am also watering to much? should the top of the sil look dry before I spray? I have been feeling… maybe I m worrying to much, tried to photo graph, wil have to pull one ut. Thanks Bunches

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Damn MacG! I was going to say that :smiley: Man, You are on the ball. LOL