Electrical and tent placement

Running 5x5 and 4x4 in the same room.

Definitely sounds like you will need some additional cooling. Are you running an AC unit now? And does it keep up with the load?

Not now because its cool outside. Have a portable unit I can use in the summer. Had a dedicated 40 put in.

Most portable AC units have the condensers vented to the outside, and this has the same effect as an exhaust fan on the room. Also they produce condensation that may need to be pumped out of the room. Using a window unit maybe best, if possible.

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Thank you. Nobody stays upstairs and downstaits stays cool. Not wanting to redo duck work.

I understand what you’re trying to do. The problem is all of your conditioned air from downstairs will travel upstairs and then out of home. This will cause your a/c to run more potentially overloading your system. It’s basically taking a bad situation and making it worse.