Eggs, PM, or nothing to worry about?

Hey guys, got 3 plants I’m currently growing right now.

2 pineapple chunks and 1 strawberry cough.

All 3 plants are just over a month old

Temps:75-80 degrees
RH: 50-62%

Light: Mars Hydro TSW2000 currently at 200w at 30 inches away.

I noticed what looked small clusters on my leaves and I wasn’t sure if they were pest eggs, powdery mildew or just something that happens sometimes.
I’ve tried scraping it off, and wiping it off with a q tip and nothing happens. I haven’t noticed any pest damage anywhere else on the plants and I wasn’t quite sure if it was powdery mildew as it doesn’t come off.

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Are you using an ultrasonic humidifier with tap water? We see chalky power on leaves due to the humidifier aerosolizing minerals in tap water. If it is WPM, then you can spray the plant with a dilute mix of peroxide and water.


I believe it is a ultrasonic humidifier, I’ve used tap water with it in the past and it was a mess… lmao.

I’ve since purchased a RO filter and only use that in the humidifier. Before that I noticed white dust and mineral deposits everywhere I assume calcium and stuff that was in my tap water.