Effectively a Flushing Plants

So I have a grow journal that I’m keeping on here and I asked a question there, but I felt like it was a question that could benefit a lot of others as well.

I’m currently using Farm Farm Ocean Forest in Five Gallon Smart pots. As of right now, I’ve got incredibly high ppm readings anywhere between 2000 and 3000. As a result of this, a few of the tips of my plants are beginning to show what looks like the beginning of a nutrient burn; in this case it’s nitrogen.

Here’s a photo of the affected areas on one of my plants which is Super Silver Haze:

So in spite of this event, I want to ask the entire community what they think are the most effective way to flush your plants, whether it be to remove excess nutrients or the controversial topic of flushing before harvest.

I’m a beginner and the photo above is one plant of eight in my first grow. Any and all replies would be greatly appreciated as this topic could benefit several others aside from myself :grin:

Those ppm numbers are very typical of ocean forest. Some plants will burn a little, some don’t. As long as you’re not supplementing additional nutrients until the ppms go down they will be fine.

All those ppms are not available to the plant. The microbes will slowly break down the organic matter in the soil and then release the available nutrients. Same thing goes for feeding plants with organic teas. It takes time for them to work.


Interesting - is there ever too much if using organic only? Went heavy on my bone meal and langbeinite during week five top dress

Can’t really flush organics rather you just stop feeding her. I think your fine remember you’re after buds not fan leaves gonna lose those early ones regardless.

Where are you at in grow cycle - and are you keeping with organics or using synthetic nutes on top of ocean forest?

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Being a beginner I started using GH Floraseries on my plants. So I’m burning them. I’m only two weeks into veg. I’m only going to give them water from now on until my runoff numbers get lower.


I had slight nute burn from OF while in early veg. It was just on tips and was advised that as long as it’s just the tips it’s all good. If it starts spreading along edges of leaves you may need to flush. I wasn’t using any nutrients at that point.

Yeah it’s just the tips at this point, so I’m gonna just let it grow and see how it goes. I’ll post pictures if anything goes down hill :joy:


If you’re going to go with flora series (any bottle nute) save yourself some money and check out coco coir medium. There are a few differences but since you’re just starting out shouldn’t be any more of a learning curve. 20G for 20$ vs 10G for 36$. Make sure with flora you’re using the right feed chart the one on bottle is for hydro not soil

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Thank you I will keep that in mind :grin: