EC readings out of control?!?!?!?

Hi! First off, I have a separate post that i received some good feedback on… that post explains my lime green leaves that I’ve recently got mid-way through flower as well as my watering practices… however, someone asked me about EC readings and I just assumed they meant TDS since that is all I have been paying attention to… I feel so dumb… this whole time I have been measuring only TDS and PH of tap, mixed solution and runoff… I just I thought EC was just another way of measuring TDS. I just measured my tap before and after adding nutes. The TDS was 140 before adding light cal Mag solution (was planning on this watering be a light watering since the last 2 had nutes) and 440 after adding cal Mag; my EC though was 260 micro s/cm before adding cal Mag and 960 micro s/cm after adding cal Mag. I read online that the EC should be between 1.5-2.5 but I think they are referring to ms/cm instead of micro s/cm (I can’t find how to use the micro symbol.) anyway, if that’s true then my EC before and after adding cal mag is still 4 x higher than it should be right? Or is micro 1000 m? Or 100 x m? I can look that up… bigger question is a tap water of 260 micro s /cm too high? And if so, how do I bring it down? Also, if me only adding a light cal Mag solution brings it up to 960 EC (and 440 tds) then how am I ever gonna get it below 2.5 EC? I was hoping to not have to purchase a RO thing and just continue using tap w adjustments made to the water… any input here would be very helpful! Please feel free to view my “lime green leaf” post if you need more info. Thanks so much!!