Easter Babies Update: Big bud broke ground

It’s just bonnie1 I think. It’s so early, I don’t sleep anymore. Been checking on my girls, making sure not dry cause trying not to overwater. I’m going to Walmart and getting that fertilizer but is it too soon? Need to find pic of what healthy plant looks like at this stage, can’t seem to find it. This weather sucks!! What’s trump doing to America! Such an awful day for Americans. Need my plants to look like everyone else’s, but they don’t, worried

Here’s what some of my sprouts looked like at three weeks:

Some were already transplanted, others seemed behind. All of them are doing great now.


@bonnie1 resist the urge. They don’t need fertilizer. They only need water spray on the leaves. After the second full week you can water lightly for a day or two and if they look good them water to runoff…

pH water only!


When you buy fertilizer/ nutrients make sure they are the kind that dissolve in water.

What kind of soil are you in?

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I’m using an organic soil from Agway. Seems to have all the right stuff, light & fluffy soil, not heavy dirt. So I should start nutes? Does it matter what kind other than made for mixing with water? I can get today if from Agway farm house, its up the street. They had something called Booster something, not sure but if it’s made for seedlings or vegetables it’s ok right?

They look good! Mine are 15 days since popped. I’m checking fertilizer today, will pick some up and start light. So, you’re growing outside? Where are those huge pots from? Hopefully they aren’t too heavy, I still have so much to do and purchase. Our weather is uncooperative, horrible to try to get anything done. Love your name, Lia, very nice. Thanks for those pics, mine should be bigger, have to take pic later but hard to tell with iPhone

I will echo @bob31 no nutes now, they are babies…just pH water as close to 6.5 as you can get. Let them do thier thing for a few more weeks utilizing the nutrients present in the soil until they are a bit older so you don’t burn them.

You will need a Grow- bloom - flower trio, a pH meter, and a TDS meter

ILGM links

For reference, here is my current Grow at 30 , 20, and 17 days. Your plants looks fine. Patience grasshopper :heart_eyes:

My ph in tap water is 6.8 all the time. I have to check ph soil, don’t know how. Really dumb at this testing soil and nutrients, but I’m waiting to give nutrients right? I’ll look for your recommendation and purchase it. I want healthy thriving plants like everyone else’s :smiley: Thanks again!

I don’t think you saw my plants, I’m going to take pic later for you to see, they just haven’t grown in a week

What kind of soil are you using @bonnie1 ?

I’m gonna backup @Sl1 on this. Mine were a little slow starting too. But they grow fast once they get going. You’d almost have to take pictures every 12 hours to see the difference.

Since I’m not familiar with agway soils can you look at the bag and tell me what the ingredients are?

And no more anything until we answer a few more questions! :grin::+1::palm_tree::v:


@bonnie1 they don’t really get going till 3-4 weeks - right now they are laying their roots, once they establish they really take off.

Less love is more right now. Gentle misting with PH water, light, warmth, humidity.

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My plants are mostly inside now, but I take them outside when it’s sunny and warm, which is not often. I plan to plant two in the ground, and keep three in their pots, experimenting with their locations.

This is their usual location:

The big, colorful pots are called bloembagz. I got the cheapest ones on Amazon. They are five gallon cloth pots i got because that was the most common recommendation from folks here! There are less expensive brands, but I like the riveted vents and stitched handles. And pretty colors. :nerd_face:

p.s. yes, post photos of your grow as soon as you can!


@bonnie1…Okay…you need to tell me if you are growing them inside or outside…in a tent …in a pot, what kind of soil did you use, etc. details will help me help you. And yes you should be using fertilizer at this point! I wait to use fertilizer after I see the first real leaves; in other words just a few days after they break ground! Yours should be bigger than what you are telling me by now. I started mine April 1st and they are in flower mode and have been for a week now. Pictures are very helpful too! Also, go and read all the “first grow” journals on here…a lot of helpful advice! You can follow my first grow. I think it was called First grow White Widow…if you can find it follow my second grow…Second grow White Widow Inside. I will be posting new pics tomorrow on my second grow. I want to help you out but it really helps if you post pictures every week …then experts can tell you what is possibly wrong. How many are you growing? What kind of lighting system are you using…We need information!

@Lia…nice looking!

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@bob31 this is my soil, organic potting soil for seedlings. One plant looks worse with yellow. My ankle is bad and not helping my mobility. The weather is so bad here today that I don’t want to take plants out of tent, it’s cold and very windy and afraid I’ll fall and drop my girls so I’ll bring them upstairs tomorrow and take a real good pic for you, I hope. In meantime I’m doing everything you say, watering and misting, humidity and warmth. Thank you

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ok @bonnie1 I’m just trying to think of some ways to help you. As long as it is soil and not a “Seedling Mix”?

Sorry your not feeling well! Nothing worse than a gimpy ankle!

Try watering a bit less. Let them go twice as long as you want. Not sure what schedule you are on? But try not to water them before lights out.

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Bob I’m keeping the lights on all the time cause it’s cold. Ankle set me back, so bad had to have X-rays but it is seedling soil, I’ll take pic, I’ll try to get pic of girls but lighting in garage is bad, here’s the soil

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look right in the middle of that pic @bonnie1

Right under SEED STARTER is the word “MIX”

You are using a mixture. Please flip the bag over and take a picture of the ingredients for me.

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hope you get to feeling better @bonnie1, that stuff looks good…it will all work out,try not to worry dear.

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