Early to late flower

So I’m probably in my 9th week of flower and this is my first time. I have a sour diesel and an unknown loud seed that turned out to be females. They were grown together in a 1 gal areo garden under 20 days of led. At week 2 or 3 in flower I had to separate them and cut of 70% of roots. This slowed me down 10 days. At week 2 they were token out of there card board box and put in a 2x4 tent under a 500 watt bloombeastA520 they look good to me but I’m no ol timer either.ive been giving them just Florasious plus by flora set is with look bloom only for 1 week and then just water the next.


Very nice @Bloombeast , good job on the SCROG as well.

Are the plants in the last photo clones?
I am hoping to start some clones on my first grow…I’m about 50 days since sprouting.

No the photos of the last are theme when they were little

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